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Physician burnout

Care for Caregivers: Preventing Physician Burnout

By Physicians, Resources for Healthcare Providers
Caring for the Caregiver Understanding the importance of the work environment to ward off burnout in our Physicians as we enter year two of the pandemic As the pandemic tolls on, our healthcare system continues to be taxed like never before. Everyone has grown weary of non-stop reports of Covid...
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guest blogger andrew baker on tax time

Tax Time: PA’s and NP’s Maximize profitability

By Physician Assistant, Resources for Healthcare Providers
Tax Time: An opportunity to maximize your profitability As tax time draws near, it’s a good time to put a spotlight on your financial situation. Heading into tax season in the midst of a global pandemic sounds like a whole lotta fun, right? Perhaps you're without power or water as...
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jan 2021 blog PA or NP debt snowball

PA or NP | Can I afford this job?

By Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, Resources for Healthcare Providers
The Cost of PA or NP Programs and the Burden of Student Loans How to consider a healthcare career move from a financial standpoint. Graduates of PA or NP programs are often saddled with student loan debt as they enter the workforce. While debt can seem daunting and imperative to...
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Blog linkpas December healthcare hiring branded

How to land the best Healthcare job, the first time!

By Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, Physician Assistant / Nurse Practitioner, Resources for Healthcare Providers
Landing a great first job is everyone’s dream, but not everyone’s reality. We often see healthcare workers struggling in environments that aren’t well suited to them. They lose steam on a profession they have spent the last few years completely devoted to in training, simply because they didn’t realize how...
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blog moral injury

Beyond Burnout: Moral Injury in Healthcare Workers

By Resources for Healthcare Providers
Is the term "Burnout" being overused? The healthcare industry has been talking about Physician "Burnout" for decades, but this concept is no longer resonating with those in the healthcare industry. Providers and their colleagues are moving away from the term as it implies that the individual is the source of,...
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healthcare hiring handshake

Medical Recruitment: Are you hiring the best candidate for your healthcare organization?

By Resources for Healthcare Providers
Finding Qualified Healthcare Workers Should be Easy It seems that now, more than ever, the resources required to do a job well are increasingly less than adequate. With many advents in technology, you would think the opposite would be true. Surely, in the 21st century, tasks such as hiring new...
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mental health park bench linkpas

Increasing demand for Psychiatric Mental Health NP’s and PA’s in the US

By Physician Assistant / Nurse Practitioner, Resources for Healthcare Providers
Shortage of Mental Health Professionals amplified by Covid-19 Demand for psychiatric NPs and PAs is estimated to grow exponentially in the next five years. All sources, including health authorities and insurance companies, indicate that there is a vast and growing shortage of Mental Health Professionals in America. Combined demand for psychiatric NPs...
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Article 01

At the Crossroads: 8 Questions to Consider When Switching Specialties.

By Resources for Healthcare Providers
Congrats on graduating and successfully landing your first PA position! Hopefully, you have given yourself some time to rest and recover. You are probably wondering what your world will look like now that you are no longer an official student. Be encouraged by that, but don’t forget that it is...
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Article 02

PA versus MD Lifestyle (Work/Why Balance & Why It’s Important)

By Resources for Healthcare Providers
The idea of work/life balance is something that get’s tossed around a lot. In fact, we already have a few ideas on what that might look like for a PA here. But if we change the perspective a bit, there is a new question to ask. Does your why (the reason you became...
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Article 03

X Physician Assistant Interview Questions [You’ll Be Asked]

By Resources for Healthcare Providers
As a Physician Assistant, we are trained for Primary Care. Sure you can pick a specialty for the long term, but many PAs out there are interested in making a shift or two at some point in their career. Luckily, this is typically an easy process. Let’s dig into a...
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