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Diploma and Books - PA SchoolPhysician Assistant
April 2, 2020

How Long PA School Will Take You & Your Curriculum

If you've been accepted into PA school it's time to celebrate! After you've taken a few minutes to jump up and down, text all your best friends, and post on Instagram, you may start wondering what comes next. And that’s a good question since you want to be well prepared…
PA vs MD BadgesPhysician Assistant
March 26, 2020

PA vs MD: The Key Differences (And What’s Right For You)

If you are interested in practicing healthcare, you may think there is only one path—medical school. However, before making your decision, you should compare and contrast the programs and practices of an MD vs a PA. To do so, start by considering the key differences between the professions while also…
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I just received one of the most genuine and honest phone calls from Jason, one of your NP & PA recruiters. Jayson took the time to explain how the recruiting world works, and beings that I am a new NP I was so thankful for his time and effort on my behalf!

JT, DNP, FNP-BCNurse Practitioner

"This was the best job recruiting experience I've ever had! The coupling of a clinician helping other clinicians find right job is refreshing and makes sense."


"You did what 10,000 other recruiters could not do."

J.S.MD, Neurology

As a PA, you are highly marketable when it comes to finding a job. But how do you navigate the endless choices?

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