Caring for the Caregiver Preventing Physician BurnoutCaring for the Caregiver

Understanding the importance of the work environment to ward off burnout in our Physicians as we enter year two of the pandemic

As the pandemic tolls on, our healthcare system continues to be taxed like never before. Everyone has grown weary of non-stop reports of Covid 19 and its variants, and our frontline workers are beyond exhausted. Burnout is becoming a hot topic as we collectively recognize that our caregivers need care too!

As specialists in healthcare recruiting, we make it our mission to alleviate as many of the underlying conditions that contribute to burnout as possible. More often than not, stressors that lead to burnout can be traced back to the work environment that the Physician, NP or PA finds themselves in.

As we officially complete a year of coping with a global pandemic, our attention is turned to our Physicians. Their crucial role in helping us through this is in the spotlight. Every day in the media we see firsthand the plight of these healthcare heroes. The depth of their daily sacrifices is vastly underappreciated and really quite unknown to the average person.

When we can make the placement about the relationship, we have achieved a win-win-win outcome.

Win 1: Our hospitals and clinics achieve a better bottom line.

When we help our healthcare organizations to find the BEST candidate for their specific requirement, we mitigate the risk of a short-term placement. The single HIGHEST COST in regards to healthcare hiring is turnover, so it’s key that we focus on how the Physician fits the workplace culture. A successful, long-lasting career is built on so much more than a matching of credentials.

Helping our Physicians: A look at the workplace

So how do we help our Physicians and arm them with the resources they need to replenish their reserves? We start by making sure they are being fulfilled in their daily routines. It sounds simple, but the best way to ensure the longevity of our Physicians is by ensuring they have a solid foundation to work from.

Did you know that the top three reasons that Physician’s burnout can all be traced back to the workplace?

When matching one of our Physicians to a job opening, we look at some key factors in considering the success of the placement:

  1. What is the workplace culture?
    Conscious or unconscious, all workplaces have a culture. We work hard to understand the inner workings of the hospital or clinic to which we are tasked with finding candidates. Our job is to look at it holistically and bring an unbiased view to the table. linkPAs isn’t determining if the culture is “good” or “bad”, just looking to understand how the system works in order to administer a dose of personality to the situation. A perfectly balanced work environment can quickly become toxic when the wrong person is added to the equation.
  2. Who will the Physician work under?
    In cases where we are placing a Physician under the leadership of an Immediate Supervisor, we need to take extra care in determining a fit.
  3. How does the group make decisions?
    One of the number one reasons that employed Physicians seek to be relocated is because they don’t like the way the group makes decisions. Essentially, it boils down to not being heard.

Win 2: Our Physicians realize a rewarding career with work/life balance.

Our team works relentlessly to get to know our candidates. What makes them tick? Who are they outside of work? Getting to know people is the name of our game. Connections built on relationships are the lasting ones. When Physicians are connected to the right work environment, their chances of burning out are greatly diminished which is of lasting benefit to them and the organization they work for.beyond the job board online job search physician

You have spent countless hours in training, late nights studying, and sacrificed much to become a Physician. Now comes the reward… finding a job you love!

Caring for patients, working with great people, being compensated for your achievement, and finally getting the work-life balance you need.  

Summer Kohl, Lead Physician Recruiter, linkPAs

Working with Physicians: Understanding their unique needs

Our job is to get to know the person first and the job second. Trying to fit a square peg in a round hole is a difficult task and will never yield a satisfying result. Starting with the end in mind, we work tirelessly to understand the unique needs of our applicant. Once we know our Physician, we can present job openings that are a match and begin the detailed work of finding the VERY BEST match.

Win 3: linkPAs reputation of successfully working with Physicians is validated and increasingly solidified.

Our existence depends on our ability to make great connections. In an age of online tools and resources, a recruiter that doesn’t get to know their clients and candidates is just a glorified job board or resume broker. It starts with people, so we dedicate recruiters to every candidate.

As career matchmakers, we pride ourselves on understanding that matching a Physician to a hospital or clinic goes well beyond checking off boxes to meet credentials. When connecting a Physician to “job”, we take a nuanced approach.


linkPAs Specializes in Working with Physicians, PAs and NPs Seeking Lasting Careers

Dedicated medical recruiting firms can be worth their weight in gold when it comes to finding – and landing – your dream job. Make sure you do your research and work only with a reputable firm that has a track record of success. Professional agencies will not charge you for their services. Reputable healthcare recruiters are compensated by the hiring practice when a candidate is placed, so it is definitely worth looking into.

There is no cost for a Physician to use our recruiting service. Our fee comes from the hiring practice. With employers getting bombarded with CV’s these days, it is crucial to have an introduction so that your CV is at the top of the stack.

Lynda Gregg, PA | Team Leader & CoFounder linkPAs

Not only can a dedicated medical recruitment firm help you launch your career with a great job, but they can also support you on the journey, working to determine what is the best job for you. Click here to read “How to land the best Healthcare job, the first time!”