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Through Medical Outreach

We encourage, inspire, and motivate Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants to step into a place that will make a global difference

Medical Outreach:
At Home and Abroad

Beyond connecting healthcare providers with jobs, the founders at linkPAs strive to encourage, inspire and motivate Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants to expand their horizons by embarking on a Medical Outreach.

Our goal is to help connect our job seekers to meaningful outreach programs that have a vast and lasting impact, both for the community they serve and for the clinicians that join their teams. From Valdosta to Uganda, there are opportunities for health care professionals to join a Medical Outreach both at home and abroad.

In an effort to help connect medical professionals with meaningful outreach programs, linkPAs is currently collaborating with:

  • Compassion International
  • E3 ministries
  • The South Georgia Farmworker Health Project (SGFHP)

“Not everyone feels comfortable with a trip overseas, but many healthcare providers enjoy spending a Saturday doing medical assessments and education at a nearby shelter. Outreach does not have to be a week or a month commitment. Many folks will start with a local cause, working at a Medical tent during a charity marathon for example, then expand into more robust outreach opportunities.”

Lynda Gregg, CoFounder, linkPAs

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Giving Back Starts With Intention

The timing and motivation to embark on a Medical Outreach is varied, but is often tied to a longing for self-growth. The desire to seek an outreach placement with a healthcare team is often magnified by a change in ones career path, such as a graduation or work transition. Sometimes, careers are interrupted by a longing to do something more, and vacation time can be a tremendous asset to those needing a break from the weekly challenges of the same job year after year. Or take advantage of a break between jobs (credentialing at a hospital for a new job can takes months!) a perfect time to embark on such a journey.

With a bit of foresight and planning, even a day or a week of outreach can make a huge difference.

We often work with healthcare providers that are in a period of transition, and can help facilitate the timing if you’re…

  • a recent graduate awaiting Board scores and state licensing.
  • starting a healthcare position and awaiting licensing and credentialing at hospital.
  • changing jobs and have a break in between.
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The Medical Outreach programs we currently support

As our network and resources grow, we will work to expand our offerings. Currently, linkPAs is happy to work in conjunction with existing programs that have been operating successfully in the field of Medical Outreach for a number of years.

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Compassion International

Children who live in extreme poverty rarely receive the treatment and medication they need. Inadequate or inaccessible healthcare is the underlying cause of millions of deaths in the developing world each year. Compassion International’s staff use donations to immediately respond when a child needs medical attention, taking care of medical assessments and pre-surgery review, echocardiograms, and the cost of surgery.

Each month, linkPAs gives back by donating to the fund that provides medical care to children with severe medical needs. We have committed to giving a percentage of each placement fee we receive through recruiting. Click here to learn more about Compassion International.

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e3 Ministries

We partner with e3 Ministries by encouraging our network of medical professionals to consider a Medical Outreach trip abroad to Uganda, India, or Equador. Every year, they send hundreds of volunteers overseas to provide free medical, eye, and dental exams to communities where health care is not readily available.

Medical professionals have opportunities to provide life-saving medical relief and health education. e3’s free clinics offer blood pressure screening, diabetes risk assessment, nutrition counselling, wound care and prenatal care. Learn more about e3’s Medical Outreach work.

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The South Georgia Farmworker Health Project (SGFHP)

A graduate of Emory University’s Physician Assistant Program, linkPAs cofounder Lynda Gregg is a fond supporter of the University’s Medical Outreach initiative. An extension of their Physician Assistant Program, Emory University offers a free outdoor clinics to migrant farmworkers in rural Georgia for several weeks each July. 

The South Georgia Farmworker Health Project (SGFHP) began in 1996 with eight PA students, three PA faculty, and one physician, all under the direction of Tom Himelick, then a faculty member in the PA Program. Click here to learn more about how this enterprising team has been taking medicine to the fields of South Georgia ever since.

Get Involved

The possibilities are endless, it starts with an open heart and open mind. If you’re a trained medical professional and you’d like to give back through a Medical Outreach or volunteer program, drop us a line to discuss the best options available for you. If you’re an organization in need of Physicians, Physician Assistants and/or Nurse Practitioners to join your Medical Outreach team, we would love to hear from you too! Click here to email Lynda and tell us more about your outreach program and requirements.

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