If You’re Hiring A Physician

Assistant or Nurse Practitioner,
We Can Give You A Unique Advantage
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You probably want to find a great PA or NP so you can...

  • Give your doctors the help they need

  • Give your patients the best care

  • Give your patients a better experience (and get better social media reviews)

  • Give your staff and team a better work/life balance

  • Have more time to work “on” your practice instead of just “in” it

The key is to find the right PA or NP, who will stay with you long-term

And we do that better than just about any other recruiter, because our founder has decades of experience as a Physician Assistant, working in private practice, and in hospitals.

So, we know more about PAs and NPs than most recruiters ever will.

Here’s the thing: finding and recruiting the best candidate is mostly about rapport, trust and relationships.

Whom do you think a superstar PA or NP is more likely to bond with and trust—a run-of-the-mill headhunter, or someone who has 25 years of experience as a PA?

BOTTOM LINE: We can give you a unique advantage
when it comes to finding the best PAs and NPs.

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How else are we different?

We can find AND ATTRACT candidates that other recruiters can’t

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Most people (and recruiters) don’t know this but, most of the best PAs and NPs aren’t currently looking for a new job. Our founder’s extensive experience as a PA helps us find and attract these best candidates even when they’re not looking for a new job.

We’ve used extensive data mining to build a database of over 300,000 of the very best candidates (most of whom are “happy” in their current position). And because our founder has decades of experience as a PA, we know how to approach these best candidates, engage them in a conversation, and position you as a better opportunity for them (because we know how PAs and NPs think, and what they really want!)

We guarantee your PA or NP will work out for you, LONG-TERM

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What if your PA or NP starts and things are great for a month, but then they flake out on you?

Don’t worry – we’re on the hook with you for 8 months. If your PA or NP doesn’t work out for a full 8 months, we’ll conduct a whole new search for you, at no additional cost.

Our fee is affordable, even for the smallest medical practices

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Most of our clients who initially had reservations were pleasantly surprised to discover our fee is actually very affordable, and that the high-quality PAs and NPs we place with them end up paying back our fee many times over… which means our service pays for itself and essentially becomes free for you. And don’t forget, we don’t get paid anything until and unless you find a PA or NP that stays and actually works out for you, long-term.

We can take this whole project off your plate, so you can focus on doing what you do best - run your practice or department

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Imagine not having to worry about this anymore, knowing that it will be taken care of (better than even you could do it). It might sound unrealistic, but we really can make this easier for you and get you better results!

Just imagine…

…finding the perfect PA or NP for your practice…

…a superstar who really “gets it.”

Sound impossible?

This is what we do every day for our clients.
(And we love doing it!)

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It’s a job seeker’s market.

The difference was – Jason stayed the course and delivered. He stayed in touch with me quite often and still does. He not only provided the most candidates (when I was looking for doctors and nurse practitioners) but he provided me with the best quality candidates! Because of that, linkPAs was the only agency from which we hired. My team is delighted!

DHSr. Human Resouces

I've worked with Lynda and linkPAs for over 2 years and will not use anyone else. They are professional and very responsive and always send the best candidates. They never push you to make a decision and focus on delivering the perfect fit for your company.

B.R.VP Sales & Operations

Lynda helped me obtain my first position as a PA-C in critical care medicine. Not only was she professional and easily accesible, but she also provided valuable insight on career growth and professional betterment. A true pleasure to work with.


I have known Lynda for a period of years but utilized her services after learning that she was a PA recruiter. I am impressed by her diligence in finding candidates that are good fits the employer. As a PA herself, she looks out for her clients best interests as well. In her current endeavor I expect that she will maintain her high standards in satisfying both employer and client.

MarkTeam Leader.

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