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June 2020

Medical Tools and Ribbons

Physician Assistant Skills (With Competencies Checklist)

By Physician Assistant
Whether you're considering a career as a physician assistant or have graduated from a master's degree physician assistant program and are interested in what health care practices are looking for, it's good to know you have the skills to be a PA. The role of the physician assistant is growing....
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Nursing Accessories: Calendar and Telephone

Life As A First Year Nurse (New Nurse Advice)

By Nurse Practitioner
You are a new graduate, and life is exciting! You’ve finished your master’s nursing program, passed your APRN examination, and you're certified to work as an advanced practice nurse. By this time, you've been hired for your first job, and you might think you've jumped over all the hurdles you’ll...
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Nursing Burnout Image

Burnout in Nursing (What is Nurse Burnout and How To Combat)

By Nurse Practitioner
Stress is not inherently dangerous or problematic. What can make stress challenging is an individual's perspective. In other words, how you interpret the meaning of a stressful event can focus energy on the positive or the negative. Personality traits also have an influence over whether you think something is positive...
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